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Buzz on the Khepera IV

The Khepera IV is a commercial robot produced by K-Team.

A Buzz port for the Khepera IV is available at An ARGoS plugin to simulate the robot is available at

  • Wheels
  • set_wheels()
  • gotop()
  • gotoc()
  • LEDs
  • set_leds()
  • Proximity sensors
    • The Khepera IV proximity sensor is a set of 8 infrared emitter/receiver pairs distributed regularly in a ring around the robot. The sensors are numbered 0 to 7. Sensor 0 looks straight ahead, and the numbers increase counterclockwise when looking at the robot from above.
    • proximity is the Buzz table that contains the proximity readings. Each element of this table (e.g., proximity[0], proximity[1], …) is in turn a table that contains two elements:
      • angle, which corresponds to the angle (expressed in radians) at which the sensor is located on the body of the robot
      • value, which is the actual reading. Each individual sensor is saturated (value 1.0) by objects closer than 4 cm; the maximum range of the sensor is 12 cm. Between 4 and 12 cm, the readings follow an exponential law with the distance: 4.14*exp(-33.0*distance)-.085.
  • Light sensors
  • Ultrasound distance sensor
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